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Bringing results to companies and well-being to people.

Our Origin

We were born in 2020 with the idea of creating a platform for people to plan and save for their vacations. It took shape through the union of 4 serial entrepreneurs, who individually had great successes building businesses from scratch (see the founders’ profile here).
In 2021, we received an investment round led by Captable, a company from the Startse group.
Also in 2021, we realized that there was a latent pain within companies: recognizing, valuing, engaging, and retaining employees, customers, and partners. At that moment, we chose to pivot the business and product to the B2B model.


At the end of 2021, we launched the first version of the product, still as an MVP.
With a user-centric approach, we improve the platform daily: enhancing experiences, developing functionalities, and meeting our users’ needs.

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Meet the Founders

Eduardo Rodrigues


Entrepreneur, passionate about innovation and travel, founder of @Welcometrips, @WelcomeWeddings, companies with a revenue of 40Mi. Co-founder of Playing for Change Institute Brazil.

Delvair Raul Macedo


Entrepreneur, founder of @mentoresdigital, expert in Design and Technology, has designed products for Brazil’s largest companies and startups in Silicon Valley.
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